Dutch brewer Heineken is to introduce a sensible drinking message on all its bottles and cans worldwide. The information is already available in the US.

The message will invite consumers to visit a newly developed Heineken responsible consumption website.

The website reminds and educates consumers about the effects of consuming alcohol, drinking patterns and consumption guidelines. It includes useful links to other relevant websites and questions to test yourself.

Thony Ruys, chairman of the Executive Board, said: "We appreciate that the vast majority of our consumers enjoy our products in a responsible way and that the enjoyment of our products fits in a positive lifestyle. Whilst consumers are responsible for their own drinking behaviour, we are nonetheless committed to help remind and inform consumers about responsible drinking and the dangers of alcohol abuse."

The back label of Heineken bottles and cans will contain the message 'Please visit EnjoyHeinekenResponsibly.com'.

"Heineken has always promoted responsible consumption of beer and alcohol in general. This initiative represents the next generation of responsibility messages and underpins Heineken's commitment to corporate sustainability", said Ruys.

The information on the back label in combination with the website is now live in the US and will be rolled out to other countries in the world where Heineken is sold.