Heineken and Google to cooperate on digital beer adverts in 20 markets

Heineken and Google to cooperate on digital beer adverts in 20 markets

Heineken is set to significantly increase its presence in digital advertising after signing a deal with Google, which owns YouTube.

Heineken and Google ad teams have agreed to work together in around 20 markets this year. The focus of the tie-up will be YouTube and mobile content, said Heineken today (1 July). Financial details have not been disclosed.

As part of the deal, Heineken will use YouTube to launch campaigns for its beers in each of the markets. It is also set to use some of the newer digital marketing techniques, such as homepage takeovers. In addition, the two groups will work on campaigns for mobile phones in emerging markets where mobile internet exceeds desktop use.

"This global Heineken campaign spanning 20 countries is one of our biggest global display campaigns ever," said Google's global president of media and platforms, Henrique de Castro.

"It will provide Heineken with brand-building reach and the ability to carefully target their audience," he said. "And with live insights and ongoing research measuring the impact upon consumers, they will have the flexibility to suggest optimisations on a very frequent basis."

Early this year, Heineken launched a global marketing campaign entitled 'Open Your World' and including a series of adverts around the theme 'Legends'. The second of these, called 'The Date', has achieved 4m hits on YouTube since debuting at the end of May.

Heineken said that, in addition to YouTube and mobile internet deals, Google will exchange ideas with Heineken's marketing team on digital advertising strategies.