The US-based Heaven Hill Distilleries is to roll out two line extensions to its Burnett's brand.

The company has added Burnett's Lime and Burnett's Cranberry flavored vodkas to the existing range of Burnett's Gin, Burnett's Vodka.

"With the unprecedented consumer interest in flavored spirits in general, and vodka in particular, Burnett's is well-positioned to take advantage of the growth in both the domestic vodka category and flavored vodkas," said the company.

Available in 1.75 litre, 1.0 litre and 750 ml. sizes and bottled at 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof), Burnett's Lime and Cranberry flavors will be available on retail shelves by March 2004. 

"The addition of the Lime and Cranberry flavors will not only continue to fuel the meteoric growth of the Burnett's flavor line, but will also further raise the profile of the standard Burnett's Vodka brand," said Reid Massie, brand manager for Burnett's at Heaven Hill.

"Our research has shown that the substantial growth of our other six flavors has in no way cannibalized our business on the original Burnett's Vodka.  And we expect that sales of the new Lime and Cranberry varieties will create more incremental growth, as these products perfectly meet the needs of today's consumers for high quality cosmopolitans, martinis, breezes and gimlets."