Blackheart premium spiced rum

Blackheart premium spiced rum

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Heaven Hill Distilleries has added another size variant to its Blackheart premium spiced rum brand in the US.

The company, which launched Blackheart in February, said yesterday (14 July) that it will introduce a 1.75-litre glass handle bottle in the country, in an attempt to “expand shelf presence”.

The new bottle, like the 750ml and 50ml version, features the Blackheart character on the label and is supported by a US$15 rebate where legal.

“Blackheart premium spiced rum was launched to capitalise on the emerging premium spiced rum subcategory,” said Brittany Blevins, brand manager for Blackheart at Heaven Hill. “The new 1.75-litre size is a move towards stimulating greater interest at a reasonable price point.”

Suggested retail price for the new size is US$27.99.