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Heaven Hill Distilleries' High Rise Vodka

Category - Spirits, vodka, 40% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US, in 11 markets

Price - RRP of US$12.99 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Heaven Hill

Heaven Hill Distilleries has lined up the launch of a new vodka range in the US. High Rise Vodka will be joined by cherry and citrus flavoured extensions, from this month. The brand joins Burnett's in Heaven Hill's vodka stable.

The water used to produce High Rise is sourced from the Fingers Lake region of New York.

Kentucky-based Heaven Hill claims to be the largest independent, family-owned and operated producer and marketer of distilled spirits in the US.

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Inspired by a time when the good life was about appreciating quality, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. is launching High Rise Vodka in limited markets. The new premium High Rise Vodka is a spirited approach to Vodka grounded in a retro character regarded for its style and sophistication.

High Rise Vodka’s extraordinary label design evokes a time noted for its classic approach to spirits. Products were grounded in quality ingredients, distilling and packaging. Spirits had a sophisticated air about them. Vodka emerged as the drink of choice.

High Rise is a departure from current Vodkas. It elevates the standard for the premium Vodka segment with quality ingredients by using the finest, softest winter wheat from the Finger Lakes region of New York and the pristine limestone water that flows through the glacial soils of the landscape. The Vodka has been distilled five times to produce an aromatic and creamy Vodka suitable to the era.

“The distinctive High Rise Vodka concept was developed to stand out amongst a competitive set lacking character and personality,” said Reid Hafer, Senior Brand Manager, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. “The product is first and foremost a quality Vodka. But the style makes it unique to the category. It represents a classic time and culture that appreciated quality but is not traditional or staid. This era is highly perceptible amongst consumers.”

The High Rise Vodka label designs capture distinct aspirational social settings. Unique in their design, each product depicts a different setting within the style of the product. From a rooftop cocktail party with suits and fedoras to a penthouse with martinis and shakers to a cabana party with swim caps and heels, High Rise Vodka 80 proof, Citrus and Cherry depict fun-loving and fashionable moments.

High Rise Vodka will be launched this spring in 11 markets in the United States. The 80 proof flagship Vodka will be complemented by two flavors – Cherry and Citrus. Available in three varieties, (50ml, 750 ml, 1.75L), the product will compete in the premium Vodka segment at $12.99 for 750ml and $21.99 for 1.75L. In addition, the brand will be supported at retail with a complete set of POS.

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