As seen in this month's rundown of the latest innovative drinks launches, the single-use and shot formats continue to penetrate the market, with new products including a single-serve detox drink and a shot-type product designed to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu. Both highlight the popularity of functional products that can fit into consumers' increasingly mobile lifestyles.

Rebootizer has launched the Detox Shaker Powerful Antioxidant Instant Drink, which is promoted as an all-in-one detox product. Available in the US, it claims to rebalance the body's antioxidant levels, reduce oxidative stress, and regulate digestive functions. Ingredients in the product include dandelion, licorice, angelica, artichoke, lemon balm, and acerola, which between them boast antioxidant, liver protection, anti-spasmodic, digestive, and gastric-stimulant properties. One of the notable features of the product is its packaging. Presented in a single-use pouch, the supplement powder and water are housed separately, and then mixed together before serving, presenting ample on-the-go consumption possibilities.

Another product offering on-the-go consumption is a new shot drink positioned as a cold and flu remedy. Available in the UK, Manflu Soothing Hot Or Shot Drink is described as a natural lemon-lime-and-honey-flavour drink with added vitamin C, echinacea, and zinc. As well as being available in the shot format, the product can also be consumed as a hot drink, by mixing it with boiling water. This flexibility of consumption could help increase its appeal.

Moving on to coffee, two new products launched in Europe see innovation in the supplement and flavour sectors respectively. Italian consumers can now purchase the Caffe Corsini Coffee Based Dietary Supplement. Introduced to the market by Corsino Corsini, the new product offers coffee and herb blends aimed at providing a range of benefits. Currently available are a Defense variety to prevent colds and flu; a Vitality variety with maca herbs to combat physical and mental fatigue; and a Linea variety to reduce the effects of hunger. Blending tea with herbs for a functional effect is now commonplace, but it remains to be seen whether such an approach will also work for coffee.

Meanwhile, Mokate has chosen to focus on flavour innovation in the coffee segment, with the launch of Mokate Cappuccino Mix with Apple Pie. The instant coffee mix is sold in Poland, and is an example of how new comfort-oriented dessert flavours are working their way into a greater variety of categories.

Back with functional drinks, Brazil and Italy have seen the launch of a product which makes bold claims about its immunity-boosting properties. Biologicus Immunity Fermented Probiotic Drink is described as natural and suitable for all ages; Biologicus particularly recommends its use by patients undergoing courses of antibiotics, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, as the company claims that it can restore damaged intestinal flora. Although the product does not make any direct benefit claims regarding the treatment of cancers, such associations can often prove to be controversial territory for manufacturers of nutraceutical products.

Finally, in Australia Foster's Group has announced the launch of the new Carlton Dry Fusion Black Beer, which features citrus and spice flavours as well as low bitterness. The complex flavour profile, redolent of wine tasting notes, is more elaborate than that of the majority of beers, and the dry flavour combined with spice and citrus makes the product a distinctive offering in the category.