Kona Deep was launched in Hawaii in November

Kona Deep was launched in Hawaii in November

Kona Deep has confirmed plans to roll out its namesake bottled water brand in the US.

The Hawaii-based company, which launched the "deep ocean drinking water" in its home state in November, will extend into the US from next month. Initially released through the natural, grocery and speciality retail channels in the west of the country, Kona Deep will be available nation-wide later in the year.

Kona Deep comprises water that has been collected from around 3,000 feet off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. The water, which is desalinated at the surface, is high in electrolytes, with the company claiming the water at that depth is "melted glacial water, which sunk to the ocean floor more than 1,000 years ago".

"Deep ocean water is a billion dollar category in Asia," said Kona Deep CEO Patrick Turpin, "but this is still very much a new category of bottled water in the US."

The company has recruited professional surfer Malia Manuel and Arizona-based hurdler and Olympic hopeful Georganne Moline as brand ambassadors.

The brand will be released in 50cl and 1-litre packs.