Hat Trick Beverage has appointed members for its advisory board.

The US soft drinks company said yesterday (10 August) that the board will help pursue its growth strategy, expand into new regions and develop new products.

On the board sits Peter Lesco of Lesco Distributing, Ken Sadowsky of Atlas Distributing, Fon Fornier of Great State Beverage, Daryl Dushesneau of Natural Brands Beverage and Cort Allen of All Pro Fitness Distributing.

"I have invited these persons to join our team because of their expertise and diversity," said Larry Twombly, Hat Trick's president and CEO. "Their advice pertaining to our relationships with distributors and other aspects of our business is, and will continue to be, invaluable. We look forward to their close involvement."

Earlier this week, the company announced that it will expand distribution of its 'Pumped' Fitness line throughout Texas in conjunction with distributor Natural Brands Beverage Company of Houston.