The CEO at Hat Trick Beverage is to begin publishing an ongoing weblog on the company's corporate website.

Larry Twombly's 'blog', the company said yesterday (11 October), will provide an "insider's view of the beverage industry" in an effort to facilitate communication between the company, its shareholders and the public.

Twombly will use the blog to describe the day-to-day challenges the company faces, its strategies and developments, Hat Trick said.

Twombly said: "We are committed to keeping the lines of communication open with our investors. Providing a view 'behind the curtain' of the beverage industry is a way for us to provide continual updates on our progress in this dynamic industry, and to take advantage of some of the advantages and flexibility of the latest technology."

Earlier this year, the California-based company unveiled a new website. The company described as a work in progress, but encouraged interested parties to visit the site and find out more about its drinks range.