Hat Trick Beverages has identified a suitable merger candidate, the company announced today (23 May).

The merger candidate is a US-based company in the coffee business, which Hat Trick CEO Sender Vaiser said would give the company an instant 150-member network to distribute its new Tonino Lamborghini energy drink via its Tango Boost division.

"This is a well known company in the industry," Vaiser said. "It has been in operation for the past six years and is profitable."

The company said it is currently in its due diligence process mode and should be in a position to make a concrete announcement within the next ten business days.

Shares have already been allocated towards the planned merger and Hat Trick is structuring the deal to include both cash and stock so as not to disturb its existing share structure of authorised and outstanding shares.

Vaiser concluded: "We envision having Hat Trick transformed into a truly global beverage company offering everything from hot and cold, exotic and energy drink variety, including distribution and full scale logistical solutions of our proprietary product lines."