Hansen Beverage Co. has launched Fizzit, a line of vitamin and mineral supplements.

The US energy drinks group said yesterday (28 March) that Fizzit would be sold in boxes containing 24 packets available in three flavours - lemon & lime, strawberry and green tea. The range will also be available in a box containing eight packets of each flavour.

In addition, Fizzit has three functional formulas: a raspberry-flavoured Joint Formula, an orange-flavoured Immune Support Formula and a cranberry-flavoured Women's Health Formula.

"Most people don't like taking vitamins and other supplements in the form of pills," said Tom Davis, PhD, technical director for Hansen. "Fizzit gives people a convenient and better-tasting way to get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals."

Fizzit contains 1000mg of Vitamin C from seven mineral ascorbates, which is the equivalent of eight glasses of orange juice, and includes 32 mineral complexes and B vitamins. Adults can take 1-3 packets daily, Hansen said.

The suggested retail price for Fizzit vitamin and mineral formulas is US$7.99 a box. The functional formulas will sell for US$9.99 a box.