Painkillers, caffeine and the 'what makes you bad makes you better' fallacy could be things of the past thanks to a new hangover fix rolling into Las Vegas next week.

Lime Peelerz is a hangover prevention supplement shot, produced by Vegas-based company Cheerz, which can be taken straight or mixed into cocktails. The drink will be launched on Monday at the Mist Bar & Lounge at Treasure Island on Monday (12 December).

The beverage has been tried out at nightclubs and bars across the US and is destined for the high street in the next year.

Cheerz is a natural nutrition supplement that combats headaches, nausea and palpitations by bolstering the body's ability to process acetaldehyde, alcohol's first and most toxic metabolite. In a trial, Cheerz was found to be effective in 78% of participants who consumed eight drinks or more.