Click through to view Hammer & Sons Old English Gin

Click through to view Hammer & Son's Old English Gin

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Hammer & Son's Old English Gin

Category - Spirits, gin, 44% abv

Available - From 26 March

Location - Available in 14 European countries. Will be available in the US and Canada later this year

Price - Around EUR30 (US$39.40) per 70cl bottle

Distribution - Coe Vintners

Hammer & Son founder Henrik Hammer has discovered a gin recipe from 1783 to recreate a gin that predates London and dry incarnations. Old English uses 11 botanicals and mimics the packaging of the 18th century with recycled bottles, silk-printed labels and organic sealing. The gin is distilled in England's oldest pot still in use.

Hammer & Sons also produces Geranium Gin.