Halewoods new Crabbies cans join a growing trend for smaller formats

Halewood's new Crabbie's cans join a growing trend for smaller formats

Halewood Wines & Spirits has joined the trend for smaller packaging with the launch of a 25cl Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer can in the UK.

The new slimline format, which follows similar launches by soft drinks producers and brewers, will roll out across the Crabbies range, Halewood said today. The can broadens the brand's appeal among 25-34 years olds and makes it more accessible at events this Summer, the company said.

Michelle Chadwick, senior brand manager for Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer at Halewood Wines & Spirits, said: "The introduction of cans provides greater convenience for both retailers and consumers, and importantly, opens up the brand to a wider range of occasions and audiences. Crabbie's in cans also refrigerates faster than in bottles and so is perfect for the summer months; a key time of year for the Crabbie's brand, and when the range will be sampled at a variety of events throughout the UK."

Halewood Wines & Spirits has changed its name from Halewood International. 

Let's Get Slim: Mini Can Packaging Invigorates Soft Drinks and Beer

Beverage companies across the world have trimmed down packaging sizes on the back of health and wellness trends. The Coca-Cola Co was one of the first to adopt the format on a wide scale, starting in 2013.

Since then, brewers have joined in, boosted by a craft beer scene that has premiumised the can format. In 2014, Heineken USA rolled out 8.5oz slim can packs for its flagship beer, citing triple-digit sales growth in this package size in prior years. The following year Heineken announced a doubling of its investment in the "slim can" segment through increased advertising, point-of-sale displays and the launch of a 24-pack of the slim cans. 

In the US, MillerCoors has offered 10oz cans of its "limited edition" Coors Light Summer Brew citrus radler. In March, Anheuser-Busch InBev said it is to roll out its Stella Artois lager brand in slimline 11.2 fl oz cans to the US market.