Halewood International has launched a new brand into the UK cider market.

The company confirmed today (4 June) that the cider, called Maguires, will be available in two flavours - original and pear.

The 4.5% abv drink will be available in 500ml bottles, and is developed to appeal to 18-34 men and women.

Speaking to just-drinks, Richard Clark, head of marketing at Halewood, said: "We are looking at developing in a number of areas outside our heartland of Lambrini and red Square - One of those areas is cider.

"For me, this isn't a grab and steal approach (to the category). It's a strategic offering for retailers. We're not copying anyone - we have to have a point of difference."

The spirits group recently struck an agreement with Canada's Corby Distilleries securing the UK distribution rights to Lamb's Navy Rum.