Chalié Richards, the wine division of Halewood International, is launching One World, a wine it has labelled as the first "urban wine brand".

The portfolio, announced today (21 March), will initially consist of Orange Street from South Africa, and Ocean Point from Australia. Orchid Boulevard from Argentina is due to be added later in the year.

The brand is a result of 18 months of market research and brand development. The key findings suggested that consumers look for contemporary designs that give a feeling of quality and credibility, while they also said that brands must not be too gimmicky but have to contain one distinct feature that they can recognise on the shelf.

"The research suggests brand owners have a tendency to make it complicated for consumers to buy wine," said Bob Rishworth, managing director Chalié Richards. "The distinctive One World design was selected out of a large number of concepts - consumers chose it because of the strong icon and modern style, it proved to have great appeal to the specific target drinker, the 25-35 year old."

Halewood said the research highlighted that what matters most to consumers are the people that they enjoy wine with, the places they drink it, and the memories that they have of that occasion.

"From this insight, One World has been developed as the first 'Urban Wine Brand', focusing less on the traditional characters of wine, and more on the shared social experiences of wine drinkers," the company said. "One World brings together people, places and cultures through the strapline 'One World - Our World - My wine'. It is an inclusive wine brand, which invites people in through its range of affordable everyday wines."

The initial offering will be available for around GBP4.99 (US$8.73). Further additions to the range over the next year will target other trade channels.

Investment of GBP250,000 will encompass sampling at urban music festivals, trade and consumer sponsorship and a focus on using the Internet as a marketing tool.

"One World is positioned as a wine brand for the new generation of wine drinkers, therefore we will not be following a traditional wine marketing approach but will be using new wave techniques to hit the 25-35 year old consumer" said Jane Lumby, design director.