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Halewood International's Lazy Jack's 

Category - Cider, apple, 4.7% abv 

Available - From this month 

Location - Launching in Bargain Booze outlets this month, followed by supermarket chains in June 

Price - GBP1.29 for a 355ml bottle; GBP4.89 for 4x355ml bottle packs.

Halewood International is launching what it calls the "UK’s first American-style, cloudy apple cider". 

Lazy Jack's, with an abv of 4.7%, will be targeted at 22-30 year-old consumers, the company said. The product, being produced by Halewood's Woodshed Brewing division, contains "real" fruit juice and "only natural ingredients", the company said. 

"Consumer research has supported the fact that the bottle serve combined with the US liquid style will encourage new consumers to enter the cider category on new occasions," said Halewood's director of innovation, Richard Clark. 

Lazy Jack’s launch will also be backed by a sampling and digital campaign, Halewood said.