Halewood Internationals Iron Press

Halewood International's Iron Press

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Halewood International's Iron Press

Category - Soft drinks

Available - From 1 July

Location - UK, on- and off-trade

Price - RRP of GBP2.00 (US$3.00) per 500ml bottle (off-trade) and GBP3.00 per 500ml bottle (on-trade)

Distribution - Halewood International

Iron Press, which will be available in apple and lemon & lime flavours, is being positioned as “the soft drink for real men” and the marketing campaign currently in development draws influences from how beer used to be advertised in the 1970s and 1980s.

The launch will be supported by a national marketing campaign including consumer press and TV advertising as well as a sampling campaign and online initiatives.

“We’ve undertaken a considerable amount of research and have identified that men in particular are demanding a greater choice of soft drinks in the take-home channel,” said Richard Clark, head of innovation at Halewood. “A growing number of men no longer drink alcohol, either for health reasons or change in their lifestyle, yet the choice they are offered is very limited. We are looking to change this and provide a product to retailers that will offer real choice to consumers.”