Halewood was concerned the beer brand could be confused with a tagline for Crabbies

Halewood was concerned the beer brand could be confused with a tagline for Crabbie's

Halewood International and TickeyBrew have reached an “amicable solution” over a trademark issue that will allow the microbrewer to keep its name. 

A legal representative for the Merseyside-based drinks producer had warned TicketyBrew that its name could be confused with the 'Tickety Boo' tagline used for Halewood's Crabbie's alcholic ginger beer brand. But the beer firm told just-drinks it did not understand how there would be confusion.

News of Halewood's actions saw TicketyBrew receiving messages of support on Twitter.

Halewood now appears to have reached a solution with the brewery. In a statement yesterday (22 August), the company said: “We are pleased to have spoken with TicketyBrew to confirm we have no plans to oppose their trade mark application.”

It added: “Trademark law is often misunderstood, which can cause unnecessary concern for interested parties, so we are pleased to have come to a resolution with TicketyBrew and wish them well for the future.”

Keri Barton, who owns Manchester-based TicketyBrew with her husband Duncan, thanked Halewood for being “fair and reasonable”. 

She added: “We are relieved to have reached an amicable solution and that Halewood International will not be opposing our trade mark application”.

Earlier this month, another UK microbrewer, Redwell, had faced legal action from Red Bull over its name. But the energy drinks producer also backed down after a major backlash on Twitter