Hakutsuru Saké Brewery Co has announced it is switching its US distributor.

The Japan-based saké producer said yesterday (1 May) that, from 1 July, its portfolio will be handled by Oregon's Saké One Corp. Hakutsuru's previous importer in the US was Dreyfus Ashby.

Hakutsuru already has links to SakéOne, having acquired a “significant” stake in the group in 2010.

“SakéOne has demonstrated a strong leadership position in the premium US saké market and affords Hakutsuru a new saké 'category-specific' sales approach moving forward," said Kenji Kano, Hakutsuru's president.

Hakutsuru is the world's largest saké brewer and the US's top-selling imported saké, according to the company. Founded in 1743, it is also Japan's top-selling saké and is exported to 45 countries.