Brewers in Latvia have seen sales rise slightly in the first half of this year, according to recent figures. Data released yesterday (26 September) by the Latvian breweries association (LADS) shows that sales in the six-month period were up year-on-year by 3.9% to 43.76m litres.

Grigis Un Co, Abula and Cesu Alus breweries saw the most impressive increases in sales, while Alus Tirdzniecibas Grupa, Piebalgas Alus, Lacplesa Alus and Bauskas Alus all saw sales slump year-on-year. Aldaris, the domestic market leader, saw sales rise by 4.7% to 18m litres, with Cesu Alus rolling in in second place with a 10.5% increase in sales to 7.27m litres.

"This year, the beer market is expected to recover to its previous volume," said LADS executive director Ivars Grislis. Sales last year were hit by the effect of restrictions introduced following Latvia`s accession to the EU, Grislis added.