A redundancy package where by more than half of the employees are expected to receive a maximum £137,000 (US$194,000) settlement has finally been accepted by Dundalk Guinness workers.

The deal, which according to the Irish Independent newspaper was accepted by the employees by 70:30 also includes health insurance, scholarships for school children for the next 10 years and free beer.

But even though the majority of employees are happy with the package, they still believe the plant is viable.

"There is still a lot of anger amongst workers. We never believed the plant had to close and no package can adequately compensate people," Brendan Hodgers of the ATGWU told the Irish Independent.

According to the report up to 60% of the workforce will qualify for lump sums of between £130,000 and £137,000.

He continued: "We extracted a high price no other package in Guinness to date has surpassed it. Hopefully the company now know Irish workers won't accept a situation where the company dictates the closure of plants."