The maker of Ribena has admitted it "may have misled customers" in Australia.

GlaxoSmithKline Australia has "self-reported" discrepancies in its claims about vitamin C content in the blackcurrant beverage, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission confirmed today (21 March).

The ACCC said it was concerned with GSK's claims that "the blackcurrants in Ribena contain four times the vitamin C of oranges" implied that Ribena fruit drinks contained four times the vitamin C of comparable orange juice products, when this was not the case.

GSK said it would advise consumers of the allegedly misleading claims through notices in retail outlets and will express "the importance of companies who become aware of potential false or misleading representations voluntarily approaching the ACCC so that they can work cooperatively to resolve the issue".

ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel said: "It is extremely important that companies use appropriate calculation methods when making claims about the contents of food or beverage products, especially when those claims relate to nutrition."