Campari launches Skyy Infusions Vanilla Bean and Georgia Peach in the US this month

Campari launches Skyy Infusions Vanilla Bean and Georgia Peach in the US this month

Gruppo Campari's Skyy Infusions Vanilla Bean, Georgia Peach Vodkas

Category - Spirits, vodka, flavoured, 35% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US

Price - SRP of US$18.49 per 75cl bottle

Distribution - Campari

Campari has lined up two additions to its Skyy Infusions flavoured vodka range in the US.

Skyy Infusions Vanilla Bean and Georgia Peach vodkas will be available in 5cl (US$1.99), 75cl ($18.49), 1-litre ($23.49) and 1.75-litre ($26.99) sizes. The Georgia Peach variant will also be available in a 37.5cl ($10.49) size.

In Campari's Q3 and year-to-date results, released last month, the Skyy portfolio posted a 1.8% lift in sales in the nine months to the end of September.

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Expanding its innovative, award-winning line of infused vodkas, made with natural ingredients, SKYY® Vodka introduces two new flavors: SKYY Infusions® Vanilla Bean Vodka and SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach Vodka. These new infusions blend real vanilla beans and succulent, juicy Georgia peaches with SKYY’s premium distilled vodka, creating two vibrant spirits that elevate any cocktail occasion with superior taste.

According to Nielsen, peach is the third most popular vodka flavor in the U.S. growing by 37 percent. Pairing SKYY Vodka’s ground-breaking, proprietary infusions process with one of the most complex peach varietals, SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach Vodka has bottled the true essence of the vibrant, sweet fruit. The red clay soil and hot sun found in “The Peach State” make it the perfect breeding ground for one of America’s most beloved fruits. Capturing the bright succulent, juicy taste of fresh Georgia peaches, this new Infusion delivers a delicious base for an everyday cocktail experience that never goes out of style or season.

Tapping into the current consumer trends of natural, infused products, SKYY Infusions is offering a delicious, premium flavored vodka option that is anything but plain old vanilla — SKYY Infusions Vanilla Bean. With its rich, smooth and slightly toasted caramel tasting notes, this new Infusion delivers an indulgent treat reminiscent of the finest, rich vanilla bean ice cream, capturing a favorite flavor in cocktail form.

“Vanilla and peach are both flavors that have been explored by the beverage industry for years, but most times they come across tasting artificial or cloying,” said Kathleen Schuart, Senior Marketing Director, SKYY Vodka. “By utilizing our proprietary infusions process – actually infusing vodka with vanilla bean and Georgia peach – SKYY is able to capture the true essence of these beloved flavors, which in turn elevates the entire cocktail experience.  No other flavored vodka delivers this authentic taste like award-winning SKYY Infusions.”

SKYY Infusions Vanilla Bean and Georgia Peach join the brand’s existing line of premium flavors, which includes Moscato Grape, Wild Strawberry, Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Ginger Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Raspberry and Passion Fruit.  Since the introduction of SKYY Vodka in 1992, the brand has always been an innovator. With the development of SKYY Infusions, first released in 2008, SKYY Vodka charted a new course for flavored vodkas by creating products that cater to the current consumer trend toward natural, infused products that elevate the taste experience and have quickly become a centerpiece of classic and contemporary cocktailing.

SKYY Infusions Vanilla Bean and Georgia Peach will be available in 50ml ($1.99), 750mL ($18.49), 1L ($23.49) and 1.75L ($26.99). SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach will also be available in 375mL ($10.49).

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