Brazil's Government has criticised a beer advert for Grupo Schincariol, featuring Paris Hilton, for being too sexually provocative, according to reports.

Brazil's self-regulatory body on advertising, Conar, is reported to be investigating the television advert.

It features Paris Hilton in a short black dress and rubbing a can of Schincariol's Devassa Bem Loura beer up and down her body in the window of a high-rise appartment.

A man opposite the block is shown taking pictures of Hilton, whose performance raises a cheer from beach-side beer drinkers at the end of the advert.

Brazil is well-known for beer adverts featuring women in bikinis, but the Brazil Government's women's secretariat is reported to have said that the latest Grupo Schincariol advert is degrading to women.

Schincariol is Brazil's second largest brewer, behind AmBev, the division of Anheuser-Busch InBev.