New Zealand Winegrowers has set down guidelines for the country's wine producers when hiring seasonal workers.

The guide, entitled "Seasonal vineyard workers - the practical guide to grape growers' legal obligations", gives companies advice on issues including tax, employment law and immigration.

Dr John Barker, manager for policy and membership for New Zealand Winegrowers, said the advice would give "some clarity" to "the often confusing legal issues" on hiring vineyard workers.

"The idea of the guide is not to set out chapter and verse of the law, but to answer the grower's basic question of 'what do I have to do?' and to point them in the right direction," Dr Barker said. "Above all, this is intended to be simple and straightforward.

"Continuing high employment and vineyard expansion means that labour shortages are likely to be ongoing. We wanted to pull together all relevant information and provide our members with an accurate, quick reference to have at their fingertips."