The Scottish Government has teamed up with the alcohol industry in the country to revise guidelines for sponsorship going forward.

The guidelines, unveiled today (3 February), will result in alcohol producers and sellers including activities or events to promote responsible drinking in any new commercial sponsorship; ensuring alcohol brands are not used to sponsor teams, brands, celebrities or events with particular appeal to under 18s, nor sponsor individuals under 18; carrying responsible drinking messages on all point of sale communications, and conducting sampling activities at sponsored events in a responsible manner.

"The Scottish Government believes that self-regulation by the industry alone will not be enough to get to grips with the spiralling problem of alcohol misuse in Scotland," said Public Health Minister Shona Robison. "That's why we have proposed radical measures which we believe will help rebalance Scotland's relationship with alcohol and defuse the health timebomb we are storing up for the future."

The Scottish Government & Alcohol Industry Partnership was formed two years ago and brings together representatives from government and the major drinks firms to tackle alcohol related harm and promote responsible drinking, retailing, advertising and promotion.

Alcohol misuse is estimated to cost Scotland at least GBP2.25bn every year in costs to the National Health Service, police, courts, social services and impact on the wider economy.