Change4Life to become "social movement"

Change4Life to become "social movement"

The UK Government has confirmed that it will seek to extend the Change4Life public health campaign to include alcoholic drinks, but industry could be left footing the bill.

The Coalition Government is "looking to extend" the scheme to the drinks sector, Anne Milton MP, under secretary of state for public health, said yesterday (8 July).

Change4Life is a publicly-funded scheme that encourages the public to live more heathily.
Concern about the mounting public health bill related to excess drinking has prompted the Government to consider extending the scheme to include alcohol.

However, industry may be left to pay for Change4Life's expansion into drink.

Health secretary Andrew Lansley said this week that the Government will withdraw public funding for the scheme, as part of its austerity measures, and will encourage the private sector to pick up the bill.

Milton said that the Government sees Change4Life as "a genuine social movement".

Alcohol-related harm costs the National Health Service up to GBP2.7bn (US$4.1bn) annually, while 10m adults are risking future health problems by drinking too much, Government figures claim.