Having passed a law on beer advertising, the Russian parliament is considering new restrictions on the sales of beer, according to press reports. Vedomosti said yesterday that the lower house of parliament, the Duma, will look at a bill that aims to ban the drinking of beer in some public spaces, including streets, stadia, parks and public transport.

The Duma will consider the bill later in the autumn session, the newspaper said.

The law had initially been conceived as a means of clamping down on sales of beer to minors, but has now been extended, Vedomosti said.

Last month, President Vladimir Putin finalised a new law prohibiting brewers from advertising their products on television or radio from 7AM to 10PM. At other times, the adverts are not allowed to show humans or animals or imply that beer is connected to social, athletic or personal success. Advertisers are also not permitted to imply that beer quenches thirst.