A minimum price will see prices pushed up in the off-trade

A minimum price will see prices pushed up in the off-trade

The impact of minimum pricing on the UK drinks industry will be revealed in a forthcoming government report on the proposed measure.

Home Office minister, James Brokenshire, told Parliament last week that the government will produce an "impact assessment", examining the "impact of minimum unit pricing on a number of key groups" including the drinks industry, the Treasury and consumer groups. “The assessment will refer to the most recent available evidence and analysis relating to reducing consumption and tackling harmful drinking," Brokenshire said.

"These impacts will be measured against a range of minimum price levels.”

In March, the UK government confirmed it was planning to set a GBP0.40 (US$0.63) minimum unit price, as part of a wider strategy to tackle the country's alcohol-related issues. The Home Office has since said it is aiming for a deadline of October 2014 to introduce a floor price.

Brokenshire confirmed that a consultation is also due to be launched on the level for minimum pricing.

The Scottish government is planning to introduce a GBP0.50 minimum price by next April, but is expected to face a legal challenge.