Change4Life scheme launches alcohol adverts

Change4Life scheme launches alcohol adverts

The UK Government has extended its Change4Life scheme to alcohol, with the launch of an advertising campaign that highlights links between excessive drinking and disease.

The six-week campaign began airing on UK television screens last night (5 February). It is part of the Change4Life scheme, which is overseen by the Department of Health but also receives funding from charities and businesses.

In the ads, consumers are warned that regularly drinking two large glasses of wine or two pints of "strong" beer triples the risk of developing mouth cancer. It also doubles the risk of high blood pressure and increases the risk of other forms of cancer and disease, the ad says.

Its aim is to encourage more people to stick to the Government's guidelines, which say that men should drink a maximum of three or four alcohol units per day and women no more than two or three units. Last year, the UK public health minister, Anne Milton, rejected calls to toughen the consumption guidelines.

The Change4Life adverts comes as the UK Government prepares to launch a new alcohol strategy for England. There is growing pressure to do more to raise retail prices on drinks.

“Drinking too much is a major public health issue," said the chief medical officer for England, Dame Sally Davies. UK health secretary Andrew Lansley added: "It’s crucial we support people to know about how drinking too much poses risks to their health and how they can take control of their drinking."   

To view the Change4Life advert, see below.