Benromach has found international sales growth

Benromach has found international sales growth

Gordon & MacPhail is to double production of its Benromach single malt whisky to meet soaring international demand.

The company said today (11 June) it will invest a “seven-figure” sum in the label's Speyside distillery and recruit a third distiller. The investment will build another two warehouses next to the distillery and pay for a brand manager.

“(Benromach has) been a huge success and we know we will need to increase production if we are to meet demand in the future,” Gordon & MacPhail MD Michael Urquhart said.

“Whisky production is a business that needs vision and long-term planning and this is a sign of the confidence we have in the Benromach brand.”

Benromach, which includes the flagship ten-year-old, saw global sales jump by 40% last year, with Gordon & MacPhail claiming continued strong growth this year.

The Scotch is exported to 40 countries with major markets in Sweden, China, France and the US, Gordon & MacPhail said.