Godello is a white grape variety

Godello is a white grape variety

US wine makers may soon be able to use the Godello grape variety name on their labels.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has granted "administrative approval" for the use of Godello, which is a white grape commonly found in northern Spain. 

A statement from the TTB said: "We recently granted administrative approval for the use of the Godello grape variety name on American wine labels. Wine bottlers may use this name, as well as others granted administrative approval, to label American wines, pending the results of our next rulemaking to revise the list... of grape variety names approved for use in designating American wines."

To add a new grape variety, the TTB requires the following:

  • that the new grape variety is accepted;
  • that the name for identifying the grape variety is valid;
  • that the variety is used or will be used in winemaking; and
  • that the variety is grown and used in the US

To see a list of administratively approved varieties, click here