Global Water Corporation (GWC), a Canadian company and the Norwegian hydro-electric company Aktieselskabet Tyssefaldene (AST) recently signed an exclusive agreement allowing GWC to export annually 29.0 billions of liters (approximately 8.0 billion US gallons) of glacier water from AST's plentiful and pristine supply.

"We are very pleased to have entered into this water supply agreement with AST," said Barry J. Bergstrom, President and COO of Global Water Corporation. "Securing this source of premium glacier water further strengthens our position as the premier provider of crystal clear glacier water in bulk quantities."

In signing the agreement, GWC increased its total annual capacity for exporting pure glacier water to 50.0 billion liters (approximately 13.2 billion US gallons). The Company had previously secured rights to pristine sources of glacier drinking water in Alaska. The quality of AST's water like the Alaskan water sources is exceptional, having a pH level of 6.5 ppm and total dissolved solids of less than 8 milligrams per liter.

The Nordic supply affords GWC access to European and Middle Eastern markets via the Atlantic Ocean shipping channels. The AST's Tyssedal site accommodates tankers up to 50,000 DWT (45.0 million liters) every 24 hours, with expansion capability to accommodate larger vessels up to 300,000 DWT, as required. GWC has retained P.F. Bassoe, world-renowned shipbrokers of Oslo, Norway, to expedite shipments.

With its Norwegian and Alaskan sources at the ready, GWC is on track to build bottling plants and vast storage facilities at coastal locations in countries experiencing poor drinking water supplies. In addition, the large quantities of premium water that GWC has access to makes it feasible to consider selling bulk water to industrial companies and utility users in water scarce areas.

GWC is based in Vancouver, Canada and has representative offices in Norway and the United States. The focus of the company is the sales and distribution of bulk, premium glacier water from areas of abundant supply to regions lacking this vital resource. The Company's products will be marketed under the "Blue Alaska(TM)" and "Nordic Blue(TM)" product lines.