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Hooch Alcoholic Lemon Brew is being re-launched into the UK market, nearly a decade since it was withdrawn. 

Global Brands, which has a licensing agreement with Molson Coors for Hooch's UK distribution, said brand has been "evolved" and is now "designed" to be served over ice. The target market will be 18-35 year-old men and the company sees it competing with fruit beers and ciders.

Promotion for the drink, which comes in a 50cl bottle, will feature the tagline "Refreshment with Bite". The drink's abv has also been lowered from the original 5% to 4%.

“For retro brands to be re-launched successfully, they must draw on positive associations of past times by retaining the brand’s authenticity, whilst also connecting with today’s consumers who are seeing the brand for the first time," said Global Brands' marketing director, Simon Green. 

The company said a "targeted investment package" for on- and off-trade outlets will focus on the "over ice" serve. 

Hooch, previously known as Hooper's Hooch, was originally launched by Bass in 1995 and sold 2.5m bottles a week in the UK at the height of its popularity. It was withdrawn in the country in 2003. 

In the US, the product is still sold by United States Beverage in Hard Lemonade, Hard Orange, Hard Berry and ICE (citrus) flavours.