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Global Brands' Buddy’s Bourbon Flavoured Beer

Category - Beer, flavoured, 5.1% abv

Available - From 4 March

Location - UK, on- and off-trade

Price - On-trade SRP of GBP3.00 (US$4.50), off-trade four-pack for GBP5.20

Distribution - Global Brands

Global Brands has launched a Bourbon-flavoured beer in the UK to tap into growing demand for “spirit beer” products.

Buddy’s Bourbon Flavoured Beer is made under licence from Buddy's Brewhouse in Michigan and mixes beer, Bourbon and honey, Global Brands said yesterday (6 March). “Traditional lager is struggling but spirit beers are in growth,” a Global Brands spokesperson said, citing British Beer & Pub Association figures.

Global Brands also makes Tequila-flavoured beer Amigos, launched in 2009.

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J. W. Buddy to the State, or ‘Buddy’ to his pals, was told that nothing mixed with beer. He didn’t listen.

Leading independent drinks business, Global Brands has announced the hotly anticipated launch of its Bourbon Flavored Beer, which celebrates the legend of J. W. Buddy. 

Buddy’s Bourbon Flavored Beer contains hints of real honey and stands apart from its competitors in the burgeoning Spirit Beer category. The iconic label design honours Buddy’s disrespect for convention and this is embodied in the crown, which bears the strap line, ‘Make Your Own Rules’.

The unique recipe, licensed from Buddy’s Brewhouse in Michigan, USA, balances honey and sugar with bourbon flavour and soft tones of oak. At 5.1% ABV, Buddy’s will appeal to 18 – 24 year old men and offers consumers something new in a category that’s set for phenomenal growth in 2013. 

Global Brands is well positioned to lead the Spirit Beer revolution having streamlined its portfolio to focus on winning brands like Amigos. The Tequila Flavoured Beer is currently in triple digit growth, up +109%*, and marketing director Simon Green commented:

“Today’s consumers are engaging with brands which look different, taste different and have a story to tell. Buddy’s Bourbon Flavored Beer marks one of our most exciting brand launches to date because the liquid, the look and the legend come together to create something genuinely unique.

“Traditional lager is struggling but Spirit Beers are experiencing over +90% growth** in both the on and off trade channels because consumer tastes have evolved. Further innovation is key to future growth in this area, and we’re confident that Buddy’s carries enough consumer appeal to cement Spirit Beers as one of the trade’s most exciting and profitable categories.

“We’ve secured several high profile listings for Buddy’s pre-launch and the feedback on the liquid and branding has been overwhelmingly positive, so we can’t wait to see Buddy’s Bourbon Flavored Beer come to life in-outlet with the help of the Prohibition-era American themed point of sale.”

The unique customer support package for Buddy’s includes Buddy’s Brewhouse Barrels, J. W. Buddy style hats, hessian sacks and even coat hooks. Consumers can also explore the legend of Buddy and learn more about the brand at Buddy’s Brewhouse website:-

J. W. Buddy – The Legend

“We only know two things for sure about J. W. Buddy. First, whatever he did, he pushed the boundaries and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Second, his greatest rule breaking success came about when he mixed bourbon, honey and beer. The other rumours, we can only hope are true...”


Tasting Notes: Buddy’s Bourbon Flavored Beer is brewed to a recipe under license from Buddy’s Brewhouse, Michigan, USA. Using a combination of modern and traditional brewing

techniques, the beer combines premium malt and hops which are blended with honey and sugar to achieve a delicate sweetness, balanced with Bourbon flavour to give soft tones of oak in the finish. Serve ice cold from the bottle.


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