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A US soft drinks maker has launched a pressurised cap which it claims keeps ingredients fresh in pre-mix bottles.

The Gizmo bottle cap has made its first appearance on Gizmo Beverages' Tea of a Kind, the company announced on Wednesday (22 August). Gizmo Beverages co-founder & president Walter Apodaca said the technology will help keep unhealthy chemicals out of the drinks manufacturing process.

The cap infuses a drink with fresh, preservative-free ingredients when opened. In Tea of a Kind, the pressurised nitrogen container in the cap keeps tea leaves protected from oxidation, UV light and other conditions that can damage the contents.

When the cap is twisted, the leaves fall into the drink, changing its colour, the company said. 

Tea of a Kind is available to buy online from Gizmo Beverages for US$29.95 per 12x16oz bottles. It will soon roll out to Whole Foods stores across the US, Gizmo said.