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Gerber Juice Co's Um Bongo Mango Tango

Category - Soft drink, juice, mango & apple flavour

Available - From this month

Location - UK, off-trade, available in branches of Tesco

Price - SRP of GBP1.29 (US$2) per 1-litre carton

Distribution - Gerber Juice Co

Gerber Juice Co has lined up a third flavour variant of the Um Bongo drinks brand. Mango Tango is a mango & apple-flavoured juice, which rolls out in branches of Tesco later this month.

The company, which produces the juice for the UK market under licence from Corlib Brand Holding, the owner of the Libby's trademark that owns Um Bongo, is also releasing a 1.75-litre pack of the Tropical flavour variant.

The brand is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in the UK, claims Gerber, after its 1980s heyday.

Gerber is also the UK distributor of Del Monte's Fruit Burst Pineapple & Raspberry juice, which launched earlier in the Summer.

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Um Bongo, the classic 1980s juice drink that has seen resurgence in 2013 is adding a third flavour to its range. Mango Tango (mango and apple) is now available in Tesco in 1-litre cartons. The brand is also introducing a new chilled version of its Tropical variety. The super value 1.75 litre cartons are available from this week within Tesco stores priced at £1.50.

The juice drink famous for its advertising campaign and strapline: “Um Bongo, Um Bongo they drink it in the Congo,” has over 19,000 devoted Facebook fans and last year, celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal made his own concoction Hest’Um Bongo on his TV series Heston Fantastical foods, which fuelled the brands popularity even further.

Um Bongo sales are growing at 383% year on year. The Tesco Juice buying team have been really enthusiastic about the re-launch of the brand and have listed the new Um Bongo Mango Tango in 800 stores and the chilled 1.75 litre in 358 stores.

James Logan, Commercial Director of the Gerber Juice Company, which licenses the Um Bongo brand said: “This is a new era for Um Bongo and we are seeing many customers that loved the drink in the 80’s introducing it to the next generation of Um Bongo drinkers. “

The new Um Bongo Mango and Apple flavour will be available in 1-litre cartons at Tesco’s nationwide priced at £1.29 alongside the Original Tropical and the Orangutan Orange. The Original Tropical is also available in 3 x 200ml at Asda for £1.

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