The first French wine to be marketed specifically for the gay community will go on sale in France next month.

The wine, a sparkling rosé called 'Tendre Bulle Gay Vin' (Tender Bubbles Gay Wine), is made by Domaine de Boyer in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, and will launch on 1 July, the company said this week.

On the bottle are two stylised heads, which appear to be almost kissing, with the words 'Gay Vin' underneath. The letters G and L, for gay and lesbian, will appear on the foil capsule covering the cork.

"I added on the L and G letters after some women at a wine fair told me, oh, so your wine is only for boys," said the wine's creator, Jacques-Edouard Pailles, an onologue whose vineyard is in Saint Martin de Villereglan, in the Aude area of southern France.

Pailles has made about 13,000 bottles of Gay Vin which will retail for about EUR6 (US$9.29) each. An Italian wine, called Mundo Gay (Gay World), also aimed at the gay community, was launched earlier this year.