In conjunction with the launch of Gatorade Tiger in the US, PepsiCo is kicking off a marketing campaign designed to take Tiger Woods' golf game to the "next level".

The campaign, unveiled late last week, kicks off with a TV spot featuring Woods clad in an astronaut suit and includes a promotion featuring an "out of this world" prize package to be revealed online in late April.

"I'm really excited about how this launch has come together because it brings to life that I'm always thinking about taking my game to the next level," said Woods.

The sports drink is available nationwide in three flavours - Red Drive (cherry blend), Cool Fusion (citrus blend) and Quiet Storm (grape blend), and includes a new 500ml (16.9oz) bottle and a 32oz bottle.

"Tiger is always striving to improve and we are excited Gatorade Tiger can help fuel his march toward history while also fuelling and inspiring other athletes to elevate their game," said Matt Knott, vice president of marketing for Gatorade.