Gallo Family Vineyards has teamed up with Walkers Sensations in a promotion designed to take advantage of what it believes is the trend of eating crisps while drinking wine.

The family-owned company, formally known as Ernest & Julio Gallo, said today (3 May) that the partnership with Sensations will begin this month in the UK, with 2.5m coupons going into bags of crisps giving away bottles of Gallo wine.

The initiative has been launched after research showed that 20% of all Sensations consumption in the evening occurred with wine, the company said.

The 'Divine with Wine' campaign is Gallo's biggest promo push so far in the UK, with a total investment of GBP2.5m (US$5m), giving away nearly GBP3m worth of Gallo wine prizes.

Gallo marketing director for Western Europe Jane Hunter said: "One in four people will be a winner. They'll win either a pound off a bottle of Gallo wine or a free bottle of Gallo. With every major retailer there will be joint promotion. The Walkers Sensations-target consumer and the Gallo wine-target consumer are a perfect match."

Earlier this year, the company reported that its total portfolio in the UK grew by 24% in 2006, hitting sales of over 5.5m nine-litre cases.