The trade body for Europe's spirits industry has branded a spirits range from German firm G-Spirits that is poured over the breasts of glamour models before bottling as “outrageous and distasteful”.

The European Spirits Organisation (CEPS) said earlier today (3 October) that it is taking immediate action to stop the marketing campaign behind G-Spirits' rum, whisky and vodka, which consists of liquid poured down the front of topless models. The campaign “goes against decency, and flies in the face of all self-regulatory rules on marketing in Europe”, said CEPS' director general, Paul Skehan.

Skehan added: "It is a shame that our sector, which produces good quality products, rooted in culture and tradition for centuries, should see its reputation damaged by some who want to generate quick sales through using such sensationalist, offensive material."

The G-Spirits range, launched by two former barmen, is priced between EUR119 (US$154) and EUR139 per 50cl bottle, according to the company's website. A picture of the model is included with the product. The drinks are produced in small quantities with medical personnel in attendance, the website said.

In a business concept emailed to just-drinks, G-Spirits said its motto is “Taste meets sensuality”.

“We say with strong conviction that the erotic of a beautiful woman is the best feeling for us,” the marketing copy said. “That’s the reason why every G-Spirit has to pour over the breasts of a beautiful woman.”