Click through to view Kojis three flavours

Click through to view Koji's three flavours

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Future Drinks' Koji

Category - Soft drinks, sparkling

Available - From this month

Location - UK, on- and off-trade

Price - SRP of GBP1.50 to GBP2 (US$2.50-3.30) per 33cl bottle

Distribution - Petty Wood

Future Drinks has launched a new soft drink into the UK on- and off-trade aimed at adult consumers looking for a healthier beverage.

Koji is made with carbonated spring water flavoured with extracts of natural fruits. It comes in three flavours - Mandarin & Cranberry, Lemon & Ginger and Elderflower & Lime - and contains 49 calories per bottle.

Future Drinks co-founder Luke Sapsed said: “The range of three flavours has been carefully considered to reflect a sophisticated UK consumer palate. The contemporary, stylish packaging and glass bottle gives Koji a premium look and feel on the shelf or in the chiller cabinet with high appeal for the modern, health conscious consumer.”

The name koji comes from the Japanese word for the natural mould in sake that converts rice starches into sugars.

In 2012, Thor Drinks launched a range of namesake adult-targeted soft drinks into the UK on-trade.