Another batch of flavoured wine has been uncovered at KWV. Analysis this week has established that a 45,000-litre tank of award-winning 2003 KWV Reserve Sauvignon Blanc has also tested positive for a banned substance.

Almost all of the 60,000 bottles of the Sauvignon Blanc, which won a Veritas Double Gold Award - one of the highest accolades available on the domestic market - have been sold on the open market.

This follows a clean bill of health being given to the rest of the company's 2004 vintage.

The company still had to decant and destroy 60,000 bottles of its 2004 KWV Reserve Sauvignon blanc, which was packaged and ready for market. The same fate awaited another 22,000 litres of its 2004 Laborie Estate wine, which was still in tanks. The Laborie wine was voted Champion Young wine of 2004 in its category.

KWV Limited MD, Dr Willem Barnard, said that there were only a few bottles of the 2003 vintage retrieved from retail outlets by distributors.

Company executives have gone to great lengths to minimise the damage caused, reiterating that the wine was safe for human consumption and that the additives did not pose any health risk.