Funkin peps up the on-trade smoothie market

Funkin peps up the on-trade smoothie market

One of the UK's leading suppliers of fruit purées, Funkin, has launched a promotion for on-trade customers on its Just Add Juice range.

Customers who purchase three cases of Just Add Juice will receive a free smoothie kit, including four glasses, a bar spoon, three squeezie bottles, stylish silver and black menus, posters and a recipe card. The promotion has been designed to help the on-trade to tap into the UK's smoothie market, which has rocketed over the last decade, Funkin said last week.

The Funkin Just Add Juice range is available in three different flavours: strawberry & banana, pineapple, mango & passion fruit, and mixed berries. All are made with 100% natural ingredients and carry profits margins  of up to 83% for on-trade users, according to the firm. A case holds five one-litre pouches, each containing 13 serves.

"The smoothie market in the UK is having unparalleled success and is worth over GBP500m (US$773m), however, the on-trade is underperforming, with licensees discouraged either by the expense of fresh fruits or by serving expensive retail brands," said Funkin.

Funkin's CEO, Andrew King, said: “With this UK-wide promotion, customers will improve the visibility of their smoothie offering, encourage consumer trial and increase profits.”