Function Drinks has added to its range of energy drinks in the US through the launch of Alternative Energy.

The company said today (29 November) that it is the first energy drink on the market with a time-release system to ensure a smooth energy supply over an extended period of time. The drink, designed by Dr Alex Hughes, is 100% natural and described by Function Drinks as a longer-lasting energy alternative.

"Alternative Energy is the first energy drink out there with nothing to hide," said Hughes.

Alternative Energy will be sold in 16.9 ounce bottles throughout Southern California, joining the Function Drinks portfolio, which includes the brands Shock Sports, Urban Detox, Brainiac, and Youth Trip.

The non-carbonated light tangerine yuzu flavoured drink contains muira puma, catuaba, guarana and yerba mate.

Hughes added: "Our proprietary blend uses four classes of natural energy which metabolise at different rates. One by one, each of our main ingredients takes effect, resulting in a sustained energy elevation which can last six to eight hours without a harsh crash. Effectiveness without fear of violent spikes or dizzying crashes is what sets Alternative Energy apart."

The company launched its Shock Sports brand, which is designed to alleviate activity-related muscle and joint pain, last month.

 "Shock Sports uses secrets we've learned in the operating room to help healthy athletes improve their performance," said Hughes. "The same body of research has supported the sports drink industry for over 50 years. I'm excited to offer something new to the field that expands the functionality you can fit into a bottle."

Shock Sports contains Devil's Claw, a natural anti-inflammatory, and Soy-phosphatidylserine to speed muscle recovery.