Function Drinks has added three new drinks to its current line.

The California-based company said yesterday (30 May) that the beverages are named to "reflect their individual functionalities".

The extensions include 'House Call', 'Vacation' and 'Light Weight', which aim to marry clinical science with mainstream beverages.

'House Call' will be a honey green tea-flavoured drink which the company said will help to boost the immune system. 'Vacation' will be in Pacific Coconut flavour and aims to improve moods and de-stress. 'Light Weight' will be available in the flavours dragonfruit, pink grapefruit, and acai pom flavours, and is said to block carbohydrates and burn fat.

Function Drinks president Dr Alex Hughes said: "The most exciting part of our work at Function is to seek out the needs of our consumers and fill those needs by producing the most innovative and effective products on the market."

Late last year, Function Drinks unveiled Alternative Energy, an energy drink that came with what the company said was a time-release system to ensure a smooth energy supply over an extended period of time.