Click through to view the London Pride ads

Click through to view the London Pride ads

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Fuller, Smith & Turner is to showcase beer-drinking horses in the second phase of its GBP3m (US$4.8m) London Pride marketing campaign in the UK.

The ads, which follow the initial push in May, will appear in London newspapers from the end of this month, Fuller's said today (20 September). Outdoor advertisements will appear on the city's rail and underground network at the same time.

One of the adverts, which can be viewed in the gallery on the right, tells the story of the dray horses that used to be given a daily allowance of London Pride while making deliveries in the UK capital.

Fuller's marketing head Wade Crouch said: “Many of our customers were unaware of London Pride’s links to the city and some didn’t know it was brewed in London. By highlighting the brand’s history and provenance, the advertising really resonated with them - our brewery tour was fully booked for six weeks off the back of phase one advertising.”

Fuller's said the first phase of the campaign helped push London Pride up from sixth to first place in the purchase intent league table of beers among Londoners according to YouGov’s Brand Index.