Scottish & Newcastle has been caught up in yesterday's (11 December) explosion at Buncefield fuel depot, north of London. 

The blast, which led to the biggest industrial fire in peacetime Europe, has caused damage to S&N's Waverley TBS drinks distributor.

Speaking to just-drinks today, a spokesperson for the brewer confirmed that Waverley's facility near to the explosion had been damaged by the blast. "We haven't been able to get on to the site yet," the spokesperson said, "so we simply don't know the extent of the damage."

With the UK providing S&N with 40% of its business, of which Waverley accounts for 10%, it is only a small part of the company. The spokesperson added that the off-trade distribution would not be affected by the damage.

"We may have some structural damage, and possible damage to some stock, which would have to be written off," the spokesperson said. S&N is fully insured, however.

It is not clear yet when staff will be able to return to the site. Operations at the facility have been relocated to nearby Staines.

The cause of the blast, which occurred yesterday morning at 0600 GMT, remains unknown. Around 16m litres of oil, aircraft fuel and petrol went up in the explosion.