Frucor is recalling an entire run of its still water multipack

Frucor is recalling an entire run of its still water multipack

Suntory subsidiary Frucor Beverages has recalled an entire production run of its still water multipack after a consumer found algae in a bottle.

All NZ Natural multipacks with a best before date between 24 October and 30 October next year should not be drank, the New Zealand soft drinks company announced today (15 August). Frucor said the move is precautionary and the problem is limited to a small number of bottles.

The recall, it said, was prompted by a customer complaint and does not affect any other Frucor products.

Mark Callaghan, CEO of Frucor, which was bought by Suntory from Danone in 2008, said the potential hazard to consumers was low.

“We have identified that this was an issue with one run of bottles and not the water,” he said.

“The water is clear, pure New Zealand spring water and we have resolved that random bottles within this run were likely to not have been cleaned properly by the machine at the time, allowing the possibility of small amounts of green algae to grow if exposed to sunlight.”

It is not clear at this stage how much the recall will cost Frucor.

In July, British soft drinks firm Britvic said a recall of its Fruit Shoot brand could hit profits by as much as GBP25m (US38.9m). The recall was sparked by a problem with a new cap design.